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Jacquelyn Applegate is a music teacher for kindergarten through fifth grade in Lyles,TN. She holds a K-12 instrumental music ed. degree and has taught every grade level throughout the past ten years. She has a great love for music and performs on several instruments. Her major instrument is trumpet, which she has played for twenty years, followed by guitar and piano. She enjoys composing music on occasions, performing at events, and on stage.

She also enjoys performing on stage for theatre. She has performed in several plays in her area and at TPAC in Nashville, TN. Her performance has included acting as well as performing trumpet on stage. She considers acting to be her greatest love along with performing her music. 

Jacquelyn is very much into the arts. She also enjoys drawing, painting, and sculpting. Her other hobbies include working on or building her cars, fencing, being outdoors, and writing her books. She is currently working on her second book titled Selena Jones: The Hunt. She is always looking at trying new hobbies and thrives on learning to do anything new.

 Some of my pictures for acting. Some are from play I have been in with the Clay Harris Theatre. The last one are just for my profile pictures. I don't have pictures from all the plays. If you ever get a chance to attend any of the Clay Harris plays in Hickman County TN, come on over. They are great. You can find him on Facebook! Or contact me for info for tickets. $15 for a play.

Television: upscale Wentworth party guest on television show "Nashville" Season 2 Episode 3. 2013


Theatre: Clay Harris Theatre Beth : Young woman Alice (Beth's sister), Secretary, trumpeter, played guitar, drums, and piano, and woman at funeral.

The Clay Harris Variety Show: Koreen Bagaloosie (Seen in picture below wearing the blue)

The Beth Slater Whitson Story: at TPAC: Young woman Alice, Office worker, and trumpeter.

Clay Harris: Auction Tonight: Netty Gains (The nagging,money pinching wife) pictured beolw with the curlers. 

July Fourthat Thora's Meat and Three: (Carltina-crazy split personality woman looking for a job. She never liked anyone to touch her.)

Georgia Mudd: ( Farris- Cocktail waitress and is daughter from second marriage. Went everywhere with sister Edith.)

 Scrooge: Ghost of Christmas Past, a sister to Bob Cratchit, fill in for Mrs. Cratchit during last performance when actress broke her foot.

Family Reunion: (Kitty–Over zealous religious woman who loves Hello Kitty.)

Trick or Treat— WCHT Radio Network Cast :  (Norma Loy)

Madame Olga: The fortune teller with gray hair. 

 I do my extra casting jobs through On Location Casting.  


Norma Loy from Trick or Treat radio show: 







Ghost of Christmas Past:




Netty Gains:


Secretary from Beth Slater:


Koreen Bagaloosie:


 Madame Olga



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