Another day!
Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 10:25AM
Jacquelyn Applegate

Back to writing today. I have been going at it, but I simply haven't posted anything in a while. I like being inspired with my surroundings. Thought I would share today. Broke my green tea habit today for a little English breakfast tea. ;) Now if only I had the proper cane back chairs. :) Perhaps someday. 

This was from my post in May on Facebook: Good morning all! Sorry for such a long wait, but I hope it will be worth it when it is done. Having a job on top of writing isn't easy. Summer is about to begin for me, so I will have a vast amount of time to hit this thing hard. I have done some work on it. What has Selena been up to? Well…let's just say she is already getting herself into a bit of trouble and is no longer on the good side of her housekeeper. J.H. is making himself known. Well, sort of. He will completely soon. ;) My, there is such a fuss at Duprey Manor right now.

There has been more since then, but I don't wish to give it all away. She is going to be kept quite busy. I'll leave it at that. Nothing too bad...yet. Oh, and Holmes? Where is he? Hmm...



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