What happened to my summer? What happened to me???
Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 11:55PM
Jacquelyn Applegate

What happened? Did I get to write? Well, I will say this has been a summer to never forget. Yes, I did get to write but not like I had hoped. I simply can't seem to win. Life keeps kicking me down. I move forward and get knocked back three steps. Between my family's health this summer and mine, I feel as if it is a never ending battle that we are losing. I am just now getting over a concussion and another issue that has followed. My family is now preparing for the death of my great aunt any day now. I simply can't get my thoughts all together. Yes, there are many more issues to add but too personal. Oh, and if I could afford eye insurance to get new glasses, I do believe I would jump for joy to be able to see things at a distance and read more clearly again. It doesn't help having vertigo from the concussion.

So, what did I do this summer? I honestly can't say other than mowing like I have never mowed before because of the rain. Perhaps studying. I just can't recall. Well, now my time is over and it's back to teaching. Surely, this part of the year must be better than what I just went through. Something has to change. This constant streak of darkness has to end. I am ready for some light.

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