Sitting with oil lamp pondering…
Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 1:51AM
Jacquelyn Applegate

Well, I keep chipping away at The Hunt. Sadly, I have so much that seems to keep kicking me down over and over. I seem to think I can get up but only enough to catch a breath and be kicked down deeper. I need new glasses, but that can't happen either. Sometimes you have to cut things out. Always seems to be something digging at my family or me to test us all and our faith. Oh, I believe on God no matter what happens with all of our situations. I refuse to fall on my face and stay there. It's been hard feeling like you are getting ripped apart. Obviously I'm not going to spill my life here. So many people have much much illnesses, family issues, financial or what have you. They are all hurting and I pray that the Good Lord will bring peace to them all in some form to ease whatever type of pain it may be. Oddly enough, I feel as is I am living some of the feelings, or lack there of,  of parts of my books to be. Not fun. Something I wish I could toss out of my mind and change, but that is easier said than done. I can't tell if it's my old personality from my younger years creeping back in (the one where my teacher said I was frowning all the time and never spoke to anyone, and I said I was smiling) or the hysterectomy kicking in a bit more lol. Perhaps a bit of both. Yes, my fourth grade year a great one for an emotionless face and very little emotions in public from that point forward. I don't know why that emotionless young girl has crept back into my life. Great to read about in books but not for living unless I suppose you live alone. Tomorrow, wait it is tomorrow because it is 2:18 am--okay, make that today is a new day. ;) Now, I suppose, I should go to bed. Wishing everyone well.

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