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Clay Harris Theatre Come see our play "July 4th at Thora's Meat and Three"

If you are in town, or close by, and want to find something to do, come see me and my friends in the new Clay Harris Play. It is great. And no I'm not just saying that because I'm in it. We'd love to see some new faces in the crowd. Stop by and watch a great show.

Just some words from our director: Last Night's rehearsal at the Wash Shouse Memorial Center located at the Hickman County fairgrounds, home to the Clay Harris Theatre...saw another new Clay Harris claim it's place on the stage. The New Play is full of comedy and sprinkled with a little pathos guaranteeing another Clay Harris Theatre HIT! Tickets ($15.00) are now on sale at the Hickman County Public Library 
Call today to reserve your tickets: 1 931 729 5130

Show times: Friday night at 7:00, Saturday at 2:00 and then at 7:00.


Book cover for The Hunt is finished.

Book cover for The Hunt is finished. It can be seen under the section titled The Hunt. Now, ready to  perform a play tomorrow, June 7th and 8th, then back to my book.


Selena Jones: Trial and Error Featuring Sherlock Holmes now for Nook

Now available for Nook $2.99. The preview on Barnes & Noble does not read correctly and neither does the iBookstore preview/ sample but once downloaded, the book is fine. No issues with reading the words or changing font or sizes. It is just an issue with the preview.  Once it is resubmitted to fix, it will be down for a while. It is an issue with the font going through for the preview. Again, there is no issue once on the Nook or Apple devices. You can look at the preview on Amazon Kindle if you wish to view a sample of the book since there is an issue currently with the epub preview. Thanks. Selena Jones for the Nook

Figured out the issue with the preview for both iBookstore and Barnes & Noble. Fairly easy fix. Bad part is that the book will probably disappear for a little while or be unavailable for a short period while it gets updated. It may happen quickly or may take a few weeks. The book may stay available until the site is ready to update again. Not sure how they will deal with updating and going through the process of adding the book back on. But I'll leave the links up in case. The font has been changed but nothing else. It won't be noticed on any of the devices. It only had issues with the preview. The file was still in a font that worked with Kindle but not with Nook or Apple devices such as iPad to read the epub file. It did convert over just fine once bought just not on the preview. Therefore, the viewer didn't know what to do with the words/ font and jumbled it all up. Problem solved for the preview on both sites. :)

Selena Jones: Trial and Error Featuring Sherlock Holmes now on iBookstore

Selena Jones is now available on the iBookstore for 2.99 you can go click on the link here iBookstore Selena Jones or use your own app by typing in Selena Jones Trial and Error. 


Epub for iBookstore and Nook

Still waiting for approval for the Nook. The book passed for iBookstore but is not listed yet. Here is my site that will take you directly to the links to purchase them when they are ready to be sold. I will keep this site updated. Thanks. Link to my site for Epub book.


Nook edition...

I am still in wait for the Nook edition to finish the final stage of approval. Once the process is done, it will be up on iBookstore and Barnes & Noble. Sounds like it might be several days to about two weeks for the approval. Kindle sure was a lot faster. But different stores that it has to go through final process so different time frame. I will keep the site update and post back when ready.


Kindle edition now ready

Kindle edition is now up for sale in the U.S. and U.K. check out the home page for links to buy. Thanks.


Selena Jones: Trial and Error on Kindle

Trial and Error should be back up on Kindle in 12 hours from the time of this post. Or so Amazon tells me.  It says 48 hours for non-English. So, by tomorrow morning the book will be back on Kindle for $3.99. Full revisions done and updated. Cover is also updated for Kindle. I am now working on one for the Nook. I know it shows that it is available for Kindle still, but that is not up to date. Even though I pulled my file, it is somehow still coming up for sale. If you are wanting to purchase for Kindle, please hold off a little longer. Thanks.


May 12 New edition is out on Amazon U.S.

Selena Jones: Trial and Error new edition is now out on Amazon. Click here, (Amazon), or go to my main page. The look inside feature is still not updated yet, but I'll keep the previews here updated.


New edition is finished and out...

New edition is finished and out along with updated front cover. Slightly changed just a tad. The cover is on my front page to view. The book should be available in paperback in just a few days on Amazon. It tends to take a bit longer for it to update even though I can purchase the book. It will be a few weeks for outside of the U.S. Kindle is taking a bit longer to convert over and get up and going, so if it shows it is still available, it is the old version that I have tried to take down and even deleted my files. Work is underway on The Hunt. I think you will enjoy that one greatly! : )


New edition of Trial and Error is finished...

New edition of Trial and Error is finished. I am now finishing some touches on the cover art I changed. New preview was posted. More to come.  :) Some Previews from Trial and Error, and some from my next book. Perhaps a sneak into my third book. ;)


New edition of Trial and Error

Jan. 13, 2013

Almost finished with the new edition of Trial and Error. Should be ready to go soon. Just some finishing touches to go through. I'll post when it is back up. I hope to have the book back up soon. new edition for Kindle will follow as well. I have just put a hold on Kindle as I am preparing to the updates done for it. Thanks for your patience. I am also looking at getting the book available for Nook. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.



Preview for Selena Jones: The Hunt Featuring Sherlock Holmes

Check out part of chapter one from Selena Jones: The Hunt under the preview section. See what Holmes has to say when Lestrade continues to push Watson for answers. The book is still a long way from complete but I've had some request, so I thought I'd post a little preview. More to come as the book gets finished.


New edition is still underway and changes being made. Still working on slight changes to new book cover. The changes will be very little but noticable. Preview has been updated. Soon to be a preview for The Hunt. Very soon!


Trial and Error is currently getting ready for a new edition/ slightly modified book cover as well. The layout is being changed slightly due to new guidelines so the process will take a little longer than expected. I will post back when the new edition is ready and updates on The Hunt


Selena Jones: The Hunt

I am currently working on Selena Jones: The Hunt Featuring Sherlock Holmes. Most of the story line is ready, and I've been getting back to writing some off and on with my new program. I am also working on the new book cover. It will be different than the one I currently have posted. I still want a more darker feel to the cover since the story will become darker with the emotions and the events. A lot darker. I'll keeps things updated as I go.


Bookmarks are in. $1.50 flat if you live in the U.S. There will be an extra shipping charge if outside the U.S. If you would like to purchase one, please contact me. I do accept paypal and can send you my paypal email. The bookmarks are great quality.


The Mysterious Bookshop in NY, NY

If you are in NY,NY, check out The Mysterious Bookshop. Here is their newsletter with my book listed in the bottom section. Info on how to order. 

My book is for sale in their bookstore. $13.95. 

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