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Moving forward

I have written a few more chapters since the last post. Some major events have taken place since. One chapter in particular had me up most of the night not able to sleep due to the events that happened between some of the characters. Not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing if your own writing causes you to not be able to sleep because of what happens. Anyway, I am moving right along. I wish I always had time to write like this. When you work full time and are constantly dealing with health issues, it sure puts a strain on getting things done.


I have several more chapters done since my last post. More research, studying of old maps and pictures from around 1890-1907, etc. This has probably been the hardest for me to find certain information I really want. I want to have a few places, roads, etc. that really did exist during the time period, but I also want to have a few fictional places as well. 


Sorry for such a long delay with posting anything for my work. So much has happened in my personal life that has put me physically and mentally on hold (sometimes the mentally being due to the physical but also family related). I had to step back and just let life happen. I am currently back to researching my railway maps for Selena during her current chapter I am working on. I have so much more I wish to write once The Hunt is finished. I do have a children's short story for Sherlock Holmes written but am currently finishing up the drawings for it. The fourth book will have very little to do with the first and second. I had the oddest dream a year ago (can't go into details without giving one of the best parts away) about my two characters. It took me by surprise. it was very intense and emotional. Very. Sadly, I woke up in the middle of something being explained. I remember the first thing I saw in my dream and decided to make that my book cover. I know it will be a great tease once done. As for the title? Still no clue for that one. I want it to be as enticing as the cover and the plot will be.


I just thought I would give a mild updated. Yes, I am still ticking. Getting by slowly and chipping away at the chapters about the same way. When your eyes get bad and you injure your hand, that makes a big difference. Eyes are now taken care of thanks to a full exam and new glasses. My hand...well, that's an entirely different issue. I don't know if I'll get that fixed or not. However, I am making progress in the book. It will happen. After all, I do have a third one lined up to go after this. Nothing related to these two.


Book cover again

Okay, here is my book cover again. Yes, I said again. I believe this is it this time. Well, at least that's my plan. That's what I said last time. I did a few small changes and a bit of changing with the title. The changes in the picture shouldn't be noticeable. It was only due to changing the title around really. The larger image below isn't the full clear quality due to upload speeds. I had to down size the quality/size so it would load faster. The image is much clearer than how it appears. You can click the smaller image below to have a better view. It shows a smaller image but lets you enlarge it. The book is well underway. Click the smaller image below to view larger. It is also not as clear as the true cover will be.