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Check out my page on Facebook for my books. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me either through this site or Facebook. If you send a friend request, please send a message along with it. I tend to not accept request from people I don't know that may seem like just a random request to get more friends. I do not mind adding people if I know a bit more or why I am getting a request. Thanks to you all for your patience. Selena Jones/ Sherlock Holmes Facebook. 


What happened to my summer? What happened to me???

What happened? Did I get to write? Well, I will say this has been a summer to never forget. Yes, I did get to write but not like I had hoped. I simply can't seem to win. Life keeps kicking me down. I move forward and get knocked back three steps. Between my family's health this summer and mine, I feel as if it is a never ending battle that we are losing. I am just now getting over a concussion and another issue that has followed. My family is now preparing for the death of my great aunt any day now. I simply can't get my thoughts all together. Yes, there are many more issues to add but too personal. Oh, and if I could afford eye insurance to get new glasses, I do believe I would jump for joy to be able to see things at a distance and read more clearly again. It doesn't help having vertigo from the concussion.

So, what did I do this summer? I honestly can't say other than mowing like I have never mowed before because of the rain. Perhaps studying. I just can't recall. Well, now my time is over and it's back to teaching. Surely, this part of the year must be better than what I just went through. Something has to change. This constant streak of darkness has to end. I am ready for some light.


Sitting with oil lamp pondering…

Well, I keep chipping away at The Hunt. Sadly, I have so much that seems to keep kicking me down over and over. I seem to think I can get up but only enough to catch a breath and be kicked down deeper. I need new glasses, but that can't happen either. Sometimes you have to cut things out. Always seems to be something digging at my family or me to test us all and our faith. Oh, I believe on God no matter what happens with all of our situations. I refuse to fall on my face and stay there. It's been hard feeling like you are getting ripped apart. Obviously I'm not going to spill my life here. So many people have much much illnesses, family issues, financial or what have you. They are all hurting and I pray that the Good Lord will bring peace to them all in some form to ease whatever type of pain it may be. Oddly enough, I feel as is I am living some of the feelings, or lack there of,  of parts of my books to be. Not fun. Something I wish I could toss out of my mind and change, but that is easier said than done. I can't tell if it's my old personality from my younger years creeping back in (the one where my teacher said I was frowning all the time and never spoke to anyone, and I said I was smiling) or the hysterectomy kicking in a bit more lol. Perhaps a bit of both. Yes, my fourth grade year a great one for an emotionless face and very little emotions in public from that point forward. I don't know why that emotionless young girl has crept back into my life. Great to read about in books but not for living unless I suppose you live alone. Tomorrow, wait it is tomorrow because it is 2:18 am--okay, make that today is a new day. ;) Now, I suppose, I should go to bed. Wishing everyone well.


I bit more work done today but not as much as I would like. My power cable died on me the other day, so I am waiting on a new one to arrive. Temporary power for now. That cord is going bad as well. Sometimes I have good power and others not.

I spent two months very sick and have now recovered, other than some issues with my voice still. What a rough past few months this has been. Looking forward to this summer and more writing. 


Applegate's Art free shipping until 6/28

Free shipping on Society6 through 6/28. I have Holmes items, Items for my book, scenery(two scenes from the  Granada episode but one painted slightly different. It is the Countryside in England and Sherlock Holmes: Silent Thoughts at the Lake.) I am hoping to have time later to add more of my art work. some will be Holmes related but not Jeremy Brett. Just Holmes in general.  Applegate's Art from Society6


Another day!

Back to writing today. I have been going at it, but I simply haven't posted anything in a while. I like being inspired with my surroundings. Thought I would share today. Broke my green tea habit today for a little English breakfast tea. ;) Now if only I had the proper cane back chairs. :) Perhaps someday. 

This was from my post in May on Facebook: Good morning all! Sorry for such a long wait, but I hope it will be worth it when it is done. Having a job on top of writing isn't easy. Summer is about to begin for me, so I will have a vast amount of time to hit this thing hard. I have done some work on it. What has Selena been up to? Well…let's just say she is already getting herself into a bit of trouble and is no longer on the good side of her housekeeper. J.H. is making himself known. Well, sort of. He will completely soon. ;) My, there is such a fuss at Duprey Manor right now.

There has been more since then, but I don't wish to give it all away. She is going to be kept quite busy. I'll leave it at that. Nothing too bad...yet. Oh, and Holmes? Where is he? Hmm...




Final ruling for the Free Sherlock case. Thank you, Leslie!

Here is Leslie Klinger's tweet from early Nov. when the case was finally denied by the Supreme Court. Also the link to the Free Sherlock page to follow or look at if you wish. Sherlock is finally free. Well, with the exceptions of the last remaining stories that are under copyright still.  Leslie's tweet

Free Sherlock


Ruling for Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd.

Congrats to Leslie Klinger! The courts ruled in his favour. Here is his blog with all the information. Sherlock is free, with the exception of the last ten stories of course. Court ruling here. 


Friday 13th a good thing? Well, it is for me.

I enjoyed finding out that today was Friday 13th. Why? Because I just happen to be at a point in my book where the date is Friday 13th as well. It is January in the year of 1899. Yes, it is a true date from that year. :) Great timing, I think. No full moon during that year and day, but that day was a Friday 13th as well. For me, it is good because I am making progress in my book.


The Hunt…Where am I at this point?

Well, after spending much time with illness again (seems to be my thing lately) I am back at The Hunt again. I keep telling myself I am halfway but that is halfway as the plot goes and with what is in my head and on paper. Not sure if that is what it will turn out typing. Got a feeling it may be more once all the little details get put in. I like dark stories. :) 


Check out my section for The Hunt to view the updated book cover. Slightly different with the title. That's basically it. I had to change  a little with the cover to work with the title but nothing noticeable unless you knew the cover up and down. The book is well underway.


Okay, couldn't resist. I had to go back to the book cover in-between working on the book.  Slight change but not really. ;) I just kept looking at the title and placement and thinking "Hmm". More to come. When my program quits crashing on my. That part has not been fun. Taking up a lot of time with that. 


Hurray for Les Klinger! Sherlock is free!

Free Sherlock was a success for Les Klinger. On behalf of all authors, I'd like to give a big thank you. You can read more about the story and the findings here. Les Klinger and Free Sherlock. 


The Hunt…back to work

Well, after several weeks of a bad lung infection and weeks of working for the play "Scrooge", I am ready to get back to writing again. I greatly enjoyed playing the Ghost of Christmas Past. What fun. Really, if anyone is ever in Tennessee and near Hickman county, come out to see the Clay Harris Theatre perform. Clay Harris has some wonderful plays. This wasn't your typical Scrooge.

Anyway, no changes to the book cover. Yes, it will be much clearer than what comes up here. I better quality image simply takes a lot longer to upload.


Selena Jones:The Hunt Featuring Sherlock Holmes

The Hunt is coming along great! Can't wait to get more out there! So much is already happening. I'm about at the halfway point. Still debating on if I shall put up one more chapter to view or not. If I do, it will be a rough draft like the others.


The Hunt

Another chapter done and another in progress. Now the speed is picking up. Selena has much work ahead of her. However will she manage to keep up and maintain her style of life she is hoping for? Hmm...  ;)


Selena Jones:The Hunt Featuring Sherlock Holmes

The Hunt is well underway! Another chapter done, as of last week, but still a long ways to go. There is so much more happening and so much quicker that I am really having to be careful with things for this one.


Preview for Selena Jones:The Hunt Featuring Sherlock Holmes

Check out my preview for Selena Jones: The Hunt Featuring Sherlock Holmes under my section The Hunt. It is a rough draft, so just a warning to those that read it. No editing has been done. Hope you enjoy though.


My storefront site for my ebook and other books

Here is my Lulu site I have setup with some other photo books I created. My book for Selea Jones is also listed with a link to the iBookstore there. click below.

Lulu storefront for Selena Jones


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Hello everyone! Here is my new Facebook page for my Selena Jones series featuring Sherlock Holmes. Please check it out. And as always, likes are much appreciated. I will try to keep it up to date.  I had a group on Facebook, but it ended up getting changed to invitation only, so I don't really use it now. So that's why I decided to start a new page so anyone can get on and just like it.Click the link below for Facebook page. Thanks!

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