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I just thought I would give a mild updated. Yes, I am still ticking. Getting by slowly and chipping away at the chapters about the same way. When your eyes get bad and you injure your hand, that makes a big difference. Eyes are now taken care of thanks to a full exam and new glasses. My hand...well, that's an entirely different issue. I don't know if I'll get that fixed or not. However, I am making progress in the book. It will happen. After all, I do have a third one lined up to go after this. Nothing related to these two.


Book cover again

Okay, here is my book cover again. Yes, I said again. I believe this is it this time. Well, at least that's my plan. That's what I said last time. I did a few small changes and a bit of changing with the title. The changes in the picture shouldn't be noticeable. It was only due to changing the title around really. The larger image below isn't the full clear quality due to upload speeds. I had to down size the quality/size so it would load faster. The image is much clearer than how it appears. You can click the smaller image below to have a better view. It shows a smaller image but lets you enlarge it. The book is well underway. Click the smaller image below to view larger. It is also not as clear as the true cover will be.




The book cover for The Hunt

Final cover for The Hunt  (I hope). I keep playing around with it and adding things that may appear from the book or adjusting things hear and there. I love drawing. I look at it and decide to try something else that adds to the theme of the book. Please let me know if the image is too dark. It appears fine with my computer, but I tried it with another and I could hardly see it. I apologize if the image is a bit blurry. I had to adjust the resolution/ file size to get it to fit on here. It is a lot crisper than this one. I may need to print it off before final send. I may need to lighten it for printing. I love the dark feel simply because it adds to the feel of the book. I'm half way there. I'm just taking my time on this one. Not to mention things coming up as usual.

 click here to see the image larger/clearer. May need to click the image a ssecond time once it opens. The Hunt cover





New preview for Selena Jones:The Hunt Featuring Sherlock Holmes

Here is my newest preview for Selena Jones: The Hunt Featuring Sherlock Holmes. This includes the letter at the beginning of my book, the prologue, and chapter one. This is a very rough draft, so please excuse anything that may be incorrect or any errors you see. There are parts that I have left out or taken out for this preview only.  I also do not have chapter one titled yet. No titles have been given to my chapters. I have only numbered them at this point. Editing has not been done yet. There is grey on the sides because I have notes on my document and cropped my document as a PDF just to post on here. I do hope you enjoy the unedited opening of Selena Jones: The Hunt. Click below:

The Hunt 



The opening to Selena Jones:The Hunt

Here is my rough draft of the opening with just the begining before my prologue. I will post a little more later. Prologue will be next with chapter one and maybe two and three will be posted.  I don't think I will post more than that, however. I may write a few things or bits and pieces from further chapters after that. Mind you, everything is just getting pieced together still and is rough. I wanted to get a little out there for everyone to start getting a little feel for it. Just some teasers. Hope you enjoy as I start to post some. Click on opening below.