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Sorry for such a long delay with posting anything for my work. So much has happened in my personal life that has put me physically and mentally on hold (sometimes the mentally being due to the physical but also family related). I had to step back and just let life happen. I am currently back to researching my railway maps for Selena during her current chapter I am working on. I have so much more I wish to write once The Hunt is finished. I do have a children's short story for Sherlock Holmes written but am currently finishing up the drawings for it. The fourth book will have very little to do with the first and second. I had the oddest dream a year ago (can't go into details without giving one of the best parts away) about my two characters. It took me by surprise. it was very intense and emotional. Very. Sadly, I woke up in the middle of something being explained. I remember the first thing I saw in my dream and decided to make that my book cover. I know it will be a great tease once done. As for the title? Still no clue for that one. I want it to be as enticing as the cover and the plot will be.

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